Strohberge Addon Update 1.1 verfügbar

  • Hallo,

    soeben habe ich erfahren das das Update 1.1 für das Strohberge-Addon da ist.

    Changelog 1.1


    - Fixed issue with Seasons semi dry grass

    - Fixed swapped fill type hud icons for the pellets.

    - Fixed issue with visible bale counter text when the HUD is invisible (flyAndNoHudMode)

    - Fixed issue with re-creating bales on the variable bale size spec.

    - Fixed liters per bag to match the pallet capacity. (Avoid unlimited supplies of pellets)

    - Fixed initial animation state on the palletizer.

    - Fixed jumping of bales on the shredder table with bale forks.

    - Reset the bale counter hud when the baler gets removed.

    - Removed AI requires turn on on the Premos for CP.

    - Removed palletizer collision in front of pallet removal line.


    - Added compensation pellets on the mixer wagons.

    - Added work lights to BaleCollect.

    - Added missing decals to the HDP.

    - Added support for dynamic mounted objects for the crane tools to avoid object intercepting cause of removed physics.

    - Allow selling bulk pellets at selling stations that support hay or straw.

    - Added compatibility tweaks for the selling station.

    - Added controlGroups to Premos and BaleShredder.

    - Changed selling station to ONLY accept pallets that can be sold with a bigger profit as bulk.


    - Increased heap size when unloading Premos.

    - Balanced pellet prices for gameplay.

    - Tweaked weight of BuL_B50AR03.

    - Allow palletizer to finish the pallet when there are enough bags left on the line when the buffer is empty.

    - Increased tip collision of the halls.

    - Adjusted supports on bale shredder assuming ground is level.

    - Decreased powerConsumption on HDP.

    - Tweaked the Premos pickup area.

    - Updated pickups to make them more compatible to REA.

    - Visual and translation tweaks.

    Beziehen könnt ihr es kostenfrei hier: https://www.farming-simulator.…od_id=148186&title=fs2019